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Toilet Tank Fitting

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Material: POM,ABS,PP
toilet cistern flushing mechanism for two-piece toilet,bottom inlet fill valve,single flush valve matched with single push button.Other different models (including dual flush type, single pull type,models for one-piece toilet,etc.) are available.

PRODUCT DETAIL Toilet flushing mechanism ( MG-8300D+9004B)

Toilet flushing mechanism ( MG-8300D+9004B)

PRODUCT DETAIL toilet tank fitting

toilet tank fitting

PRODUCT DETAIL Dual flush cistern mechanism

Dual flush cistern mechanism

PRODUCT DETAIL Toilet inner fittings

Toilet inner fittings

PRODUCT DETAIL Toilet flush mechanism

Toilet flush mechanism

PRODUCT DETAIL Toilet tank fittings

Toilet tank fittings

PRODUCT DETAIL complete set of flush mechanism

complete set of flush mechanism

PRODUCT DETAIL cistern fittings

cistern fittings

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